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Crystal Soup for Two-16 grams

Crystal Soup for Two-16 grams

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I can't promise what color, shape or amount of crystals you will get in your package.  The picture you see is an example of one package that I pulled to show you what could be there.  What I can tell you is that they are packaged by the gram and there are over 16 grams.

A typical package of 16ss crystals priced at $9.00 has 96 crystals in it and weighs a little over 3 grams. So that makes them about $3.00 per gram.  These crystals will equal out to about $1.68 per gram at the sale price.  Great deal if you just want to have an assortment on hand for when the mood strikes!

Upgrade your crafting game with genuine Swarovski Hot Fix Flat Back Crystal. These crystals come pre-glued and are activated by heat for easy application. Elevate your designs with the brilliance and clarity of real Swarovski crystals.  

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