Collection: About US

Dawn Wenner

Citrus Springs, FL


This is our 24th year in business and on the internet.  It all started with: and I learned how to digitize for embroidery.  My first products were digital files for embroidery.  Someone said "You should go out to Las Vegas for the Embroidery Conference and sell your designs"  So I did!  That was six months after I started.  I came home from Las Vegas and put my notice in at the company I worked for.  I have never looked back and never regretted it for a second!  

Shortly after, I was intrigued with Swarovski Crystals and felt there was a place for them in the embroidery designs so I started digitizing with the crystals in mind.  That is when came about.  I started traveling the the country, cruise ships and even internationally teaching on many different topics.  Very long story, short, I am still selling Swarovski Hot Fix Crystals along with Specialty Vinyl and many other items related to embellishing.