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Last Updated:  08/01/15
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Return Policy:
No refunds after 30 days from date of invoice or without prior approval.
10% Restock Fee on all returned supplies.
Software replaced only with same item if defective.
Click Here for Instruction on Applicator and Motifs
Other Items for Crystal Application & Storage:
Silicone Tape
 Transfer Tape

(it is all the same...just different names)

Mylar (Silicone Tape) is what motifs are created on.  So...when you want to do your own designs, place the pattern of the design under the Mylar and place your crystal upside down on the sticky side of the Mylar...which is placed over the picture.  When you are all done, turn the design over and iron the whole design just like any motif.
Teflon Ironing Sheet

Teflon Ironing Sheets are useful over top of metals when ironing them on with an iron or even when using the applicator.  The metals can scratch and the flat tip of the applicator can scratch the coating of color.  Hold the small 3x3 piece of Teflon in one hand and lay it over the top of the hot fix item and place the flat tip on top of the Teflon.  The heat will carry through and no scratching.  The larger 6x9 piece is perfect for placing your iron on top of.  This also is a great tool for ironing items that may stick to the iron, like heat pressed designs.  A must for working with Angelina.
 Mylar 1 Yard x 7.87"
Mylar 7.87" x 10" Sheet $2.50
Teflon Sheet
Teflon Sheet
Crystal Color Card - $16.00

Over 100 Crystals!

Crystals now sorted by color!
Color Card has an actual crystal of each color plus one of each size.  Great for selecting the color you really need!
Titanium Crystal Spoon

The crystal Spoon is a tool that I use in pressing the crystals down when they are hot.  Pressing the crystal into the fabric will insure that they are "stuck" completely.  This must be done while the glue is still hot.  The ends of the spoon are sharp and can go under the crystal while it is still hot to lift the crystal if put in the wrong place of it has fallen out of the applicator and landed in the wrong place.
Bent Tweezers

Perfect for picking up crystals.  The tweezers have a serrated edge to grip the crystals or thread when embroidering.
Triangular Trays
2 for $1.00

Great for scooping up crystals and pouring back into your bags or containers.  Triangular Trays are a must for the Dot To Dot...Crystal To Crystal process to hold and pick up each color being used.  You will find all kinds of uses for these inexpensive trays!
Double Petite Organizer

Holds 84 different packages of crystals in locked sections.  Never will your crystals "visit each other.  Even a gross of metals will fit in a section.  Have everything in one place when you are ready to create...have fun filling it up.  You can even crystallize the front cover if you wish!  When you empty your bags of crystals and metals into the sections, peel off the label from the bag and place the label on the back of the section so you will have the code for reordering when you are getting low.  Sorry...crystals are not included!  But...should you be interested...check out the Completely Crystal Kit!
Additional Tips
The applicator comes with all the tips, but if you need additional tips...here they are!
Individual Tips
$3.00 each
Select Size
Set of 8 Tips
$13.00 for set
Kwik Snips
Micro Serrated Blades

Great for cutting the jump stitches in your embroidery.  Because of the curve, they won't poke into the embroidery threads.  Lay directly on the embroidery and with a pair of bent tweezers (shown above) hold the thread tight and simply clip for no show of the jump thread left.
Titanium Snips

The difference here is the snips are Titanium as evidenced by the rainbow color.  They will stay sharp longer than the regular snips.  Great for cutting the jump stitches in your embroidery.  Because of the curve, they won't poke into the embroidery threads.  Lay directly on the embroidery and with a pair of bent tweezers (shown above) hold the thread tight and simply clip for no show of the jump thread left.
Hooked Snips

The main purpose for these snips is to take out the mistakes.  They work wonderfully in grabbing many stitches or just a single stitch with the tiny point.
Professional Touch-$24.95

Now with an ON/OFF Switch!
Shorter Barrel-closer to your work...easier to be precise.
Wider Hand Grip...more comfortable to hold!

Universal Voltage - will work anywhere in the world

Comes with 8 interchangeable tips.

UL/CUL and CE Tested and approved

Ribbon & Thread Tips

Two very handy tips that can be used with the applicator for so many projects.
The angle is perfect to get a good amount of pressure without having to press on the spade itself.  Great for applying 1/4 inch fusible webbings and applying heat to something in your embroidery hoop.
Decorative Touch EURO PLUG-$21.95
Do not order this one if you live in the United States.  It does not work here!
additional shipping will need to be arranged to International addresses)