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A new fun way to use Hot Fix crystals and metals!  Volume 4 now available.

(Explained Below)

Each book includes your first piece of Mylar (8.5" x 11") and a small pack of bees wax
Many patterns can now be purchased individually.  See the Individual page for selection.  If you really don't want to have the fun of creating the motifs yourself, I will create them in your desired colors so that all you do is iron them on.  Contact me directly to order motifs made just for you!
  To see samples of some of the patterns and how they were used, Click Here

VOLUME 4 - $24.95


VOLUME 3 - $24.95

Bride and Bridesmaid also included.

VOLUME 2 - $24.95


VOLUME 1 - $24.95

Triangle Trays Bent Tweezers Mylar
Silicone Tape
Mylar (Silicone Tape) is what motifs are created on.  So...when you want to do your own designs, place the pattern on the design under the Mylar and place your crystal upside down on the sticky side of the Mylar...which is placed over the picture.  When you are all done, turn the design over and iron the whole design just like any motif.
1 Yard x 7.87"
7.87" x 10" Sheet
2 for $1.00 $5.95  

I truly hope that you find this craft fun and easy to do.  There is no need for any tools other than some triangle trays along with the pattern and mylar (called several different things...silicone tape, sticky transfer paper or mylar) to place the design on.  Once you create the pattern in metals or crystals or a combination of both, all you do is place the entire design on your fabric and iron it on to whatever fabric you want...in a matter of minutes. The book is great to travel with as you don't need a lot of supplies and you can work on the project for as much time as you have then cover it and put it away at any time to wait for more free time.  Please note that there is no embroidery involved with these projects and are perfect for children to do.  You can then iron the designs on for them.

If you have an idea for a design that you would like to see in a future volume of Dot to Dot...Crystal to Crystal, please let me know.  If there are several request for the same thing, you can be sure that it will be in an upcoming issue. Above is a small picture of each of the designs in the volume.  Most designs have been made in both metals and then again in crystal but, whichever you choose to use, the list of what it will take to create the design is also listed on the page with the pattern.  Many of the designs are also in two different sizes.  Some designs are as small as 1 inches and then the tree is 9 inches tall.

I have discovered an easier way to place the crystals and metals and it is fully described in the books, but basically, all you need it s ball point pen...even one that has run dry and some bees wax from your local craft store.  Place a small piece of bees wax on the end of the pen and pick up the crystal...then touch it down to the mylar.  You don't even have to struggle with tweezers!  Tweezers are still good to have on hand if you need to reposition one or two pieces.

For your convenience, Tweezers, Triangle Trays and Mylar have all been listed above, but the crystals and metals can be purchased on the following pages:

Hot Fix Swarovski Crystal                   Hot Fix Metals

Questions & Answers about the Dot to Dot...Crystal to Crystal series

Do you use hot fix crystals?  Yes...hot fix is the only thing that will work.
I have the Easy Glitzer wand (from Marie Osmond collection), can that be used?   No...when you use Mylar, you use nothing but your iron.  You are not putting the crystals on one by one, instead you are laying them on the mylar and then turn the mylar over onto the fabric and iron it on all at one time.
Can you tell me what mylar is and how it works?  Mylar is a clear plastic that is slightly sticky.  It is placed over the pattern and then the crystals are placed on the sticky side, upside down.  The mylar withstands the heat of your iron.
Does the book have a color chart for each design?  Each design is shown in full color in crystals and then again in metals and a list of exactly what I used to create the design is listed along with a size chart.  Of course that is the beauty of this way of creating a design.  It is in your colors and style.
I would be interested in combining patterns, such as the flamingos, 2 facing each other. Can the designs be mirrored? In the book it states that you have the right to make copies of pages for your use only.  This is done for exactly that reason.  You can scan and mirror in your computer or you may even just be able to turn the page over and mirror from the back.