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Last Updated:  08/01/15
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Return Policy:
No refunds after 30 days from date of invoice or without prior approval.
10% Restock Fee on all returned supplies.
Software replaced only with same item if defective.
Designs are sent on a Mini CD in multi formats with txt & jpg files.
No Designs will be sent by e-mail and are not sold without the crystals to go with them.  Most designs are created with embroidered placement for crystals also.  If there are not placement marks, as is the case with some of the Guest Designers, the picture of the design will be your placement guide.
It is suggested that you have the Professional Touch tool for easy placement, but a little iron can be used instead.  The heat applicator tool makes crystal placement much easier!  Click here to see the Professional Touch
Fish One made with NailHead Scales Fish One made with Rainbow Transfer Paper Fish One made as Applique
Fish Two with Rainbow  Transfer Paper Fish Two with Just Thread

Mix Then Match Article from Embroidery Journal Magazine.

Click on Seahorse picture for a free download of the seahorse
Thanks to Robin Elder who created the seaweed seen in the picture.  Click on the picture to download the seaweed files.  She also used metal rings for bubbles and green metal ovals in the seaweed as highlights.  Thanks Robin!
Crystal Rainbow Fish - $27.00
 4x4 designs.  Enough crystals for 48 fish eyes...4mm Rounds for fish scales-(2Gross) and Rainbow Transfer Paper with instructions.